I live in Toronto now

when i was younger i was in the hospital for some time and one day my parents took me out to mcdonalds in my wheelchair and i remember sitting there eating my chicken nuggets in my wheelchair feeling AWESOME when this fucking old man walks by, stops, and smiles and waves at me out of pity, so i flicked him off

my mom told me that my history teacher’s wife is pretty and petite with a short little bob haircut and akgjdfklgad i can’t stop imagining my pretty teacher with his pretty wife and their pretty 4 year old daughter and their pretty newborn son in the hospital aughadkjghad the perfect little family 

so it’s a small world

one of my AP history teachers was gone on the APUSH exam because his wife had a baby and it turns out that my mom is his (or his wife’s or baby’s w/e) nurse. hopefully  they don’t talk about me >: i should ask my mom what his wife looks like cuz he’s hot